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407 FITNESS is a results-driven gym in Vaughan, Ontario. Specializing in Personal Training & Sports Fitness, here, your route to success starts within YOU – literally. Our unique approach begins with a full sequence genetic analysis of your DNA that tells us exactly what your body needs to perform at its highest level. Therefore, no unnecessary diet restrictions or hours of squats if your body responds better to something else. We believe in working smarter AND harder. Our gym is a place where you will come, have fun, and be yourself while committing to small lifestyles changes one grueling workout at a time.

Conveniently located inside Peak Performance Golf
876 Edgeley Blvd, Concord, ON L4K 4V9 – Located directly off of Highway 407)

We offer personal training for all levels of athletes. In addition to golf specific training, we teach physical foundations and mobility training for the game of golf and other sports. We work with people just picking up the game, all the way up to PGA level competitors.


Let’s face it – you have to eat properly if you want to see results. Nutrition is part of your route to health. Knowing what fuel your engine needs and what percentage of each micro and macronutrients you require based on our genetic analysis is the key to success.

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We can’t guarantee your training will be easy, but we can guarantee it’ll be effective if you put the work in. When starting your training journey, making a plan and developing a program with long-term commitment in mind is the only path to success.

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407 Fitness offers a no-nonsense, results driven approach to health inside a boutique facility. Unique personal training starting with full sequence genetic analysis combined with nutrition and supplement coaching creates a one-of-a-kind fitness experience.

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