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If you want to maximize your fitness results you have to include nutrition. We recommend a 360 degree approach to fitness that includes genetic testing, meal planning, and the right nutritional supplements. After years of trying and testing the multitude of health producs on the market, these are our favourites.

Purium Nutrition - 407 Fitness Vaughan

The quality of our food sources has significantly declined over the years – poor soil quality from continuous over-farming, harsh pesticides, and genetically modified organisms all combine to diminish the micronutrients found in our diet that we need to support a healthy immune system. We recommend Purium products to help support your meal plan and training program. They are USDA certified organic, GMO Free, and your body is able to absorb the nutrients it’s no longer able to receive from food. Purium offers a safe, non-toxic range of weight loss supplements and nutritional supplements.

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Simplified Genetics Nutrition - 407 Fitness Vaughan

Your route to success starts within you – literally. Why guess what your body needs? Genetic testing has been available and utilized by top tiered athletes for years, but only recently has it become affordable. Simplified Genetics is one of the only companies in North America that offers accessible full sequence genetic analysis. With 99% accuracy we can tell you what foods to eat, what supplements to take and what type of exercise your body responds to best to maximize muscle gains and fat loss.

Immunotec Nutrition - 407 Fitness Vaughan

Immuncal is a unique, natural whey protein that has been clinically demonstrated to maintain your immune system. For a variety of reasons our natural ability to produce glutathione can become reduced leaving defenses weakened. Immunical is a natural source of the glutathione molecule, which is critical for healthy immune function and overall health and fitness. It’s backed up by over 40 years of clinical research and testing, was first to be granted a strength and performance claim for a stand-alone whey protein by Health Canada, and is listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference.